My name is Corey Predella, and I am a student of Honors Math at Carnegie Mellon University. As a teaching assistant and substitute for the AwesomeMath Summer Program, I have had the opportunity to impart mathematical knowledge to students and help them achieve excellence in top-tier math competitions, including the United States Mathematical Olympiad. I have successfully guided students to obtain perfect scores on their SAT and ACT math sections, as well as achieving A’s in their math coursework in school.

I believe that the key to mathematical excellence is predicated on a few small adjustments in the approach, which is often missing in many U.S. school systems. I delve into this topic in my TEDx talk on math education. As a firm believer in the beauty of mathematics, my goal is to inspire my students to appreciate its elegance while also building strong mathematical fundamentals, instilling independence, and encouraging creative problem-solving skills beyond math. I offer my services to students between the ages of 12-18 and meet them at their current skill level. As a charismatic and patient instructor, I foster inquisitiveness and curiosity in my students.

My hourly rate is $50. With each session, I prepare a math handout curated specifically to the student’s needs, which has specially selected homework problems for self-practice. As an avid computer programmer, I’ve also built my own platform to monitor student progress, assign problems, and maintain communication if they become stuck on challenge problems. If you are interested in availing my services, please fill out the form below and I’ll email back within a day.

"Corey has a real gift for explaining complex ideas in simple and nonthreatening ways. His combination of clear communication and genuine enthusiasm allows him to transform students' anxieties into curiosity and confidence. Students here at NuVu gravitated toward Corey, knowing that he'd patiently support them until they felt sure of themselves."

- Rob M, Director of Academics at The NuVu Innovation School @ MIT

"Corey was a model instructor at our center, always showing patience and empathy, and nurturing independent, critical thinking among the students. He was particularly adept at assessing each student’s needs and interests and adjusting his method of instruction to appeal to the individual. The students looked up to Corey as a positive role model, which elevated the learning experience for the kids in so many ways."

- Grace S, Owner of Code Ninjas Medfield

"Corey was a charismatic presence who communicated effectively, empathized with the students, and created an excellent learning environment during the problem sessions and beyond. Corey was a receptive and supportive assistant, a pleasant presence for the students, and a wonderful mathematical communicator. His advanced mathematical knowledge and recommended skills helped him teach at this level, as well as his availability to adapt, learn, and perform; moreover, he knows how to socialize and increase the students' engagement during the problem sessions, office hours, and social activities."

- Dr. Prajea, AMSP Instructor

"Corey is better than any math teacher I’ve ever had. Genuinely. He got me so excited to do math. I would rush home to spend time on math problems. MATH PROBLEMS!! How crazy is that? I’ve always been good at math, but I never thought I could ever be this excited to study it. He knew exactly where to push me and where to give me a little boost. He has provided me with a whole new approach to learning mathematics. On top of all that, he worked incredibly hard to get his training platform up and running, get me extra problems when I asked for them, and respond to my questions during the week. Corey is one of the most gifted educators I have ever met, and he’s barely older than me. I could not recommend him more."

- Tommy, Student

“Corey has been an extraordinary educator, demonstrating unparalleled patience and adaptability in teaching my brother math. Corey’s ability to connect and tailor lessons to his individual learning needs has enhanced his understanding and kindled an interest in engineering and coding.”

- Gunner, brother of Student

"Corey was incredibly thoughtfully and helpful through my tutoring sessions. From helping me work through problems he made for me to checking in on my outside progress, Corey was a consistent and accommodating source of support during my Math journey. I’m proud to say that after working with him, my math act score jumped several points."

- Abby, Student

"Corey is an amazing tutor who brings a joy for learning which radiates onto the people around him. He is creative in his methods and adapts every lesson to the student so that they may thrive. Corey is personable and passionate, which makes him an excellent teacher."

- Calvin, Student

"Thank you for the great mentoring you gave! Your amazing attitude and kind words with your patience made you one of the best (if not the best) instructors I've ever met."

- Bennet, Student

"Corey regularly provides original ideas and out-of-the-box approaches that help simplify and solve a problem. He always tries to look at problems from different angles and find multiple ways that could potentially lead to a solution. Corey’s love for mathematics allows him to turn fear of a difficult problem into curiosity and a desire to find a solution."

- Alan A, IMO Medalist